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  • Patricia Ober, Director of Clinical Services
  • Lisa Rumbaugh, Administrator
  • Lori Rupert, Business Office Manager


  • Eugene A. Bonaroti, MD


  • Michael Alunni, MD
  • Christ Balouris, MD
  • Judah Beck, MD
  • Phillip Choo, MD
  • Erik Happ, MD
  • Walter Krasinsky, MD
  • Cari Lyle, MD
  • Anagha Medsinge, MD
  • Valliammai Muthappan, MD
  • Deval Paranjpe, MD
  • Paul Phillips, MD
  • Regis Rumpf, MD
  • Seshaiyen Venkatesh, MD
  • Jared Weed, MD

Pain Management

  • Marc J. Adelsheimer, MD
  • Paul S. Lieber, MD
  • Jesse Sally, DO

Plastic Surgery

  • Dinakar Golla, MD

Retina Surgery

  • Mircea Coca, MD


  • Rong-Chung Lin, MD